Cut Recipe Bloggers Some Slack

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I’ve seen a meme shared repeatedly that jokes about a recipe blogger confessing to murder in each of their posts. It’s a constant gripe I see and hear – recipe bloggers ramble on and on making it so people have to scroll and scroll to find the recipe.

Recipe bloggers get a lot of hate. For most, it’s undeserved. There are reasons why a recipe blogger includes stories, tips, or other text in addition to the recipe. That aside, the reader can easily skip past that text if they’re not interested and want to get straight to the point.

To the Recipe Blog Viewer

You’re looking for dinner ideas for something quick to cook after a long day working. I get it, the last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time scrolling through random websites. Keep in mind, there are reasons recipe bloggers add stories and information to their posts, aside from the recipe. The first is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Another reason is that they’re truly trying to be helpful with their tips and tricks. Not everyone is a great cook and recipe bloggers have learned along the way themselves.

Does it really take that long to scroll anyway? Think of how long you scroll mindlessly through Instagram, Tik Tok, or Twitter. At least there is purpose in scrolling to the recipe. You’re finding a scrumptious meal and an added bonus is that you’ll get a break from your phone while you cook, with the exception of reading the recipe of course. Not to mention, it probably takes the same amount of time or longer to tweet complaints about the storytelling on a recipe blog as it does to scroll to the recipe itself.

Also, nine out of ten blogs have a “Jump to Recipe” anchor at the top. Click this handy little link and you’ll be taken straight to the recipe. Minimal scrolling will be necessary, although you may need to close out an ad or two. This brings me to my next topic.

To the Recipe Blogger

I understand the need for headings, lists, and X number of words to satisfy SEO requirements. Recipe Bloggers: here are a couple of things to keep in mind for your readers while still keeping your website indexable by search engines and profitable.

For starters, don’t clutter your website with ads. It’s great that you’ve gotten to the point of placing ads on your website and are bringing in revenue, however, there is a point it becomes too much. I’ve encountered sites that take forever to load due to video ads trying to render. If it takes too long, I’ll leave the website and find another instead.

The “Jump to Recipe” feature is a must to include in blogs. As sentimental or funny your story is, not everyone wants to take the time to read it. Put the “Jump to Recipe” link at the top for your viewers and I guarantee they’ll remember you when searching for future recipes. While it doesn’t take any longer to scroll your website than what a viewer would spend on social media, it’s handy and a time saver in general.

While recipe bloggers have tools at their disposal to make their websites user friendly, readers need to understand that they’ve put a lot of time into their work. Writing, taking and editing photos, and proofreading take a lot of time. Bloggers are proud of their work and should get a little something in return, including readership, and if they choose to monetize, profit.

To the reader, if a website isn’t loading or you’re not feeling it due to the number of ads, feel free to leave. Is the site missing a “Jump to Recipe” link? That’s on the blogger if they lose interactions due to that. There are many websites out there to use – find what works for you.

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