Don’t Spell Names Wrong in an Email

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Seriously, don’t spell names wrong in an email. It really isn’t hard.

Emails are something we all deal with on some level. Some of us live and breathe emails day in and day out in both our personal and professional lives. It’s a quick way to communicate and share information while cutting down on unnecessary phone calls and meetings. Oh don’t worry, I’m well aware that there are still many unnecessary meetings that occur. You know the ones. The kind of meetings that should have been an email.

Communicating via email is great, but there is one thing that really drives me crazy. The lack of attention to details as basic as someone’s name is astounding. I know I’m not the only one out there that experiences their name misspelled on a somewhat regular basis.

I’m tired of reading an email and seeing my name either slightly wrong or even completely butchered. There really isn’t an excuse considering my name is spelled out in bold font in my email signature. Yet, clients and even fellow employees either leave off the “e” at the end, tack an “a” on instead of an “e”, or sometimes even just go crazy with the misspelling.

Accidents happen. It could be the first interaction or it could be the sender was in a hurry. Regardless, it shouldn’t happen twice, especially when a name is in plain site in both the email signature and email address.

If you’re unsure of someone’s name there are plenty of ways to greet someone in an email. A “good morning/afternoon” or even a simple “hello” will suffice. Even when I’m well aware of how to spell a name, I like using a “good morning/afternoon” here and there to change it up.

Be respectful of who you are communicating with and pay attention to small, easy details such as someone’s name.

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