May Rewind

May went whizzing by. Before I get into what I did, I’ll start with what I didn’t do. I didn’t do much writing. In fact, I’ve been in a writing drought the past couple of months. So, here I am, writing a post about what May brought to my life. At least it got me back to the ol’ keyboard.

Okay, okay, I’ll get on with it. Here are 3 memories from this past month.

May Memories

A Birthday

I’m getting old. That’s right ladies and gents, yours truly celebrated a birthday in May. We celebrated the same way we do every year – a weekend camping trip. A couple events from that weekend really stand out in my mind:

  • I dropped my keys in the lake. This actually was incredibly stressful at the time, but funny looking back on it. My husband gave my float a little push and the cup holder I had my keys and phone in got flooded. I managed to catch my phone, but watched as my keys sank to the bottom. We spent about 30 minutes looking for the keys and feeling around with our feet, hoping that we would step on them. My husband finally was successful after several dives and came back up, keys in hand! Crisis averted.
  • Someone ducked me for the first time! For those unfamiliar, getting “ducked” is a fun way of showing a fellow Wrangler owner that you like their Jeep. I still have the little rubber duck and plan to return the favor by ducking a fellow Jeep in the very near future.

A Wedding

One of my nearest and dearest friends got married in May. This also meant that I was the maid of honor (yay!), which also meant I had to give a speech during the reception (eek!). Needless to say, public speaking is not my strong suit. The important thing here is that I did it. I pushed aside my fears and stood up in front of the reception and read my short, but sweet maid of honor speech. The wedding itself was a beautiful ceremony and the reception after would be hard to beat!

Lake Days

Summer came early here this year and May brought some temps well into the 90s. What better way to spend a hot, almost-summer day than at the lake? We made the short drive to the lake a few times over the month of May. While the water felt great, we desperately need rain. May is typically one of our rainiest months and it barely rained at all. The lake level drops lower and lower each time we see it.

Bring on June

June certainly started off a little strange to say the least, but more on that later!

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