I’m Running My Blog Differently This Time Around

I first started a blog in January of 2018. It was exciting for me – I had missed writing and found a way to dive back in while finding many like-minded people along the way. I dove in headfirst and found myself reading numerous articles about blogging, how to run a blog, the dos and don’ts of blogging, you name it. I wanted to bring traffic to my blog – in my mind, what was the point of writing if no one would see it?

While some of the blogging tools, resources, and tips were helpful, others led me to blogging burnout. I spent hours upon hours on various social media platforms and painstakingly adjusting my content for SEO. Needless to say, it sucked the enjoyment right out of it.

That blog is long gone, but not before I started a second blog geared toward a specific niche. I found myself quickly spiraling down the same path, and that blog also has been shut down.

I’m determined to do things differently this time around. While running those first two blogs, I put so much pressure on myself that I crashed and burned. I couldn’t do it anymore. It wasn’t fun. Needless to say, change is necessary.

On My Time

I always heard about the importance of writing on a schedule. The more articles that are published the more traffic your blog will see. Some may publish a new article everyday, some may publish 2 or 3 times a week, and others may post once a month or even once every few months.

My goal when I first started out was to publish three times a week. While this was attainable, a few observations came to light:

  1. My writing quality dropped. I was so determined to get new blogs published, that I wasn’t always proud of the quality of my work. Not to mention, time was sometimes short as I have a full-time job which is a priority.
  2. I was impatient when it came to publishing. Have you ever written a piece you couldn’t wait to hit the publish button on? My impatience got the best of me and I published whenever I felt like it, rather on specific days of the week.
  3. I became so absorbed in my writing and determined to publish new posts, that I neglected other aspects of my life.

This time around quality over quantity will be my focus. I’m not going to force myself into a schedule. When I have the time to dedicate, I’ll write and publish. I have other priorities and goals in life that I need to focus on as well. As much as I love to write and work on my blog, it can’t always take the front seat.

Focus on Writing, not Promotion

There are multiple ways for your hard work to be found by others. Two of these contributed to the beginning of the end of my first two blogs because I became obsessive. Let’s start with social media, which I think we can all agree is both a curse and a blessing.

Social Media

Starting out with a new blog, I understood that social media is a powerful tool for promotion and I went at it full speed ahead. I created a Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Social media alone became a full time job, leaving no time for writing. Pinterest was the worst of them as a time sucker. Finding photos and graphics, creating pins, drafting captions, and scheduling them became an endless task.

I saw very little traffic from Twitter, practically nothing from Instagram, and moderate traffic from Pinterest. The time I invested in crafting posts, gave me very little in return.

I’m not opposed to social media as a promotional tool, but I will not be diving head first into multiple platforms this time around. I’d rather spend the time focusing on quality writing that I can be proud of.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, also contributed to my blogging downfall although far less than social media. SEO is a tool I didn’t truly understand until I started freelance writing. Not fully understanding it, I put my trust in Yoast.

If you’ve used Yoast, you know that they have a red, yellow, green ranking system for your blog posts. It took a lot of tweaking and rewriting to make Yoast happy and green. There were times I accepted yellow because I felt that the adjustments were harming my content at times.

Yoast is just one of many tools. It’s a helpful tool to learn the ropes of what can impact SEO, but shouldn’t be treated as a one size fits all approach. There are small adjustments that can be made without harming the writing quality, such as inserting links, and when appropriate, using headings.

SEO is an important tool, one that I encourage other writers to use and I’ll continue using myself to some degree.

To Niche or Not to Niche

The importance of choosing a niche was something I heard quite often. I’ve always struggled to stay within a niche and you know what? That’s perfectly okay. Screw the niche. Write about what you want. Organizing your posts into categories and using tags can keep related content together.

There are times that a niche is appropriate, for instance, if you’re running a business you’ll want to focus on blog posts that relate to your industry. For the everyday blogger like me? I encourage you to throw the niche idea out the window.

I have most certainly made many mistakes as I navigated my way through blogging. This time I’m determined to do it the right way – my way.

6 thoughts on “I’m Running My Blog Differently This Time Around

  1. Using YOAST has really changed how I go about blogging too. It helps a ton, and its a great “crash course” each blog post to find out what works and what doesn’t. Great insight here – Thanks for sharing.

  2. Doing things your way is always the best way. Sometimes, it’s very possible to over-optimise, and the post ends up getting skewed, looking like it was meant to please algorithms rather than your audience. Anyway, wishing you a fun time this time around!

    1. I plan on having more fun this time around for sure. I 100% agree with you on over-optimizing. Choppy sentences and funny wording – ugh!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m with you with ditching the niche! I write whatever I want to write and use proper keywords with it. And yes to Yoast. It has totally changed my blogging game. Makes me happy whenever I make it green.

    Loved this post. Because it is so timely to read as I am doing these same things right now. Blogging my way, the right way.

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