Traveling to All 50 States

Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

One of my personal goals is to travel to all 50 states. Why you might ask? There is a lot to see around the U.S. and each region is very different. You’ll go from coast to mountain to plains to coast again, sometimes all within the same state! National Parks and even State Parks are a huge draw as we decide on our next U.S. destination. The time of year also plays a role as we choose the season to visit.

Modes of Travel

Road Trip

I love a good road trip with long days of driving and cheap motels, the whole shebang. There are so many sights to see that you’d miss by hopping on a plane. We’ve had several road trips, both long and short.

Teardrop Camper

We have a teardrop trailer that we’ve taken to many state parks, but has yet to make it out of Texas. It will one day! That being said, the regions of Texas are very different, so it’s almost like being in a different state sometimes.

Air Travel

Plane travel of course is typically the easiest and quickest way to travel, especially if heading out of town for only two or three nights.


A backpacking trip is another goal of mine, although it hasn’t actually happened yet. I’ve been on many day hikes, but would love to have the backpacking experience for a few days. Recommendations are welcome!

Big Bend National Park Sunset

States Visited

You can count on this post being updated as I travel to more and more states. Note that this count does not include states that I’ve only been to the airport in. I don’t count layovers as I’m not really experiencing or seeing what the state has to offer.

Current State Count20 States
Percentage Visited40%
Next UpWyoming

For those of you that prefer a visual, check out this map below.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

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